Thursday, 7 June 2012

Another month gone

Another month has passed and it doesn't feel like much has happened.

In the background the plans continue to develop and the engineering is coming together.  Hopefully any day now I'll be pleasantly surprised when the full set arrives ready for submission to council.   Unfortunately there will be a couple of invoices involved as well!

We've made some changes and tweaks along the way. 

They include:
  • Putting the "public loo" back on the living side of the stairs, taking a bit of space out of the kitchen which had become huge (especially when we've got the scullery as well).  We are hanging out for that kitchen!  The kitchen in our current place isn't much bigger than the scullery!
  • Flipping the Family room and Bedroom 2, making the two bedrooms identical and making the family room a little bigger (using the space freed up from moving the loo)
Here is the updated downstairs plan, upstairs hasn't changed. 

The current dilemma is the door at the side of the kitchen.  We are hoping to have a 3m glass sliding cavity door there to make for a seamless opening between the kitchen/living and outdoor entertaining space.

We don't really want to have to compromise and have a fixed panel at either end, we would like open access from the living and kitchen end (and we don't want to extend a fixed panel further than 3m because we will have a lounge against the wall).

The problem is finding a glazier that has any information about a suitable unit!  Any suggestions anyone?  We don't really want bi-folds either. 

The picture below shows where I am talking about.

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