Sunday, 22 April 2012

Time tics on

Almost a month has passed since we received planning exemption.  Since then I’ve been busy selecting and engaging an engineer, getting some preliminary quotes and looking more seriously at personal choice items. 

The engineering represents the largest single outlay to date.  By the time we get to the end of this stage (all documentation done, building and plumbing permits in place) I expect we will have outlaid a bit over $10k.  Engineering will represent about half of that.
I’ve started doing a bit of initial research on solar electricity and hot water options.  I figure we have space for 3 rows of 7 panels on the garage roof so that should mean a 5kw system. 

That will leave the laundry roof space to accommodate the hot water system panels. 
The orientation and roof angle won’t be ideal so they will have to be mounted on supports above the roofline.  I’ll make the parapet on the front side of the garage high enough so they are hidden from the entry side. 

In regard to solar hot water, I don’t like the on roof tanks so we have settled on a “split” system. 
I’ve been thinking more about heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) and am pretty keen on going with a fully ducted Energy Recovery Ventilation system.  I want to minimise heating and cooling energy use and provide for a well-ventilated building.  I envisage a well-insulated and sealed building with ducted energy recovery ventilation system (Ideally ERV, but would accept HRV or AAHX depending on cost).  Ideally the supplementary heating/cooling system would be part of the same system as illustrated below (L being the “ERV” and “Ducted” being a heat pump). 

I have no idea what size ducting is going to be required which is a bit scary, anyone got any insight?  I’m dreading that it is probably 200mm and I might need to raise the first floor height to accommodate it.   It may not be a problem, given we have 2700 ceilings right through the lower level I may just have to accept dropping the ceiling through the powder/bath/powder/loo and the end of the hall to get the ducting through.

I am still a bit worried about the depth of the living/dining area but I’ve been told to suck it up by my lovely wife.  She’s probably right!   I’ve fallen in love with the Jasper modular couch range from King Furniture … unfortunately they are not available in Tassie.   If I had that towbar and trailer I would be off to Melbourne tomorrow!    I’ve always wanted a couch with really deep wide seats so two people can lie side by side… maybe one day!