Sunday, 27 November 2011

Progress to date

So it is 237 days since we signed and 135 days since settlement.  Put like that it seems we have not achieved very much!

So far we have:

  • Had the block surveyed
  • Had a soil report prepared
  • Had a sandstone retaining wall built (by the developer! got to be lucky sometimes!)
  • Completed god knows how many versions of our plans
  • Got a permit to move the driveway crossover (which is about to expire, ah well, it was free and proved how easy it will be)
  • Talked to three builders
  • Talked to three drafters/designers
  • Made our first house purchase - an oven rangehood
  • Purchased a fridge, it doesn't fit properly in our current place but we just got so fed up with our old one
  • Staked out a few versions of the house on the block
The basic design is now pretty firm and we are hoping to get plans to council before Christmas.  With the planning scheme having recently changed in Tasmania (I say recently, but in theory it happened August 31st I think) it is difficult to find definitive information.  Clarence council are still only publishing their planning scheme and to date that is what I've been using as a working reference.  A designer told me the other day that the setbacks in the new scheme are different.  I've been working with a setback of 4.5 metres off the road sides and 2.5 metres off adjoining properties and a 7 metre height limit.    I think it may now be 1.5 metres off adjoining properties and an 8 metre height limit (but that height limit is drawn at a 45 degree angle from the boundary).  I'll verify and provide links as soon as find the definitive information!

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