Thursday, 5 January 2012

Holidays are nearly over

It is depressing to think I only have 4 more sleeps before Im back to work!

Looking back over the holidays, weve made pretty reasonable progress towards realising the dream.  Were feeling much more settled on the design and have progressed to starting to decide on PC items (builder speak, Personal Choice items).  Weve started to get pretty hooked on a particular design for the en-suite which Ill talk about in a future post and have been cruising the tile shops.  We have also settled on a kitchen design and Ive been talking to a couple of kitchen people.  We are also pretty close to buying the toilets and bidet.  What do you think of these?

I was going to go the in-wall hidden cistern option but got hesitant about future problems and access so I have decided against it.

Bench tops, cabinets and vanity units
I think I now know more than I care to know about laminate, acrylic and stone bench tops and melamine, laminate and two pack cupboards.  I suspect however that Ill learn more about the pros and cons of all the options as we continue through the process of selecting materials, colours et all for the kitchen, scullery, laundry and vanity units.  Were also looking at getting an entertainment unit built in a similar style to the waterfall island bench.
I think Im leaning towards acrylic bench tops, probably something like Infinity from Hafele.  I like the invisible joins and the look and feel of them.  They are repairable, non-porous and pretty flexible in how you can use them (wider profiles etc.).  They come in a manufactured 38 mm wide product and sheets for custom manufacture.  Well probably use standard 38 mm across the back and in the scullery/laundry and wider custom manufacture for the island bench.

The Kitchen

Ignoring the colours, this is the sort of look we are going for.

The island bench will be about 2700 long and 900 wide.  It will have one solid end at the scullery end.  Similar to the one illustrated here.
The lounge side will have a 300mm clear overhang, as will the view end, to create a breakfast bar.  This will give us a smidge over 2200 of cabinetry under the island.  That will include 600 dishwasher, 400 double bin (with a small drawer within), 600 cupboards under sink and 600 drawers.

The back wall will consist of about 1800 of bench, 900 of freestanding oven, another 1800 of bench followed by the fridge.  They will be mainly drawers.

The Scullery
Really, it is a pantry with a sink in it.  The idea is to keep the mess out of the kitchen.  On the front wall we will have drawers, then sink, then more drawers with a couple of overheads and the window in between.  Well make sure the door into the scullery allows the fridge door to open right back!  Our new fridge, like most, requires the door to swing right back to get the drawers out for cleaning.
On the back wall we will have the full height pantry, followed by a full height appliance cupboard, followed by bench with drawers under and an overhead.  The theory being that appliances will be right next to the bench where they will be used.

The Laundry
The front wall will have two huge deep drawer units which will effectively be laundry hampers.  They will have small shallow drawers inside them at the top for delicates bags etc. in one and shoe cleaning in the other.   This is followed by the sink unit and the bench top over the front loading washing machine.  The dryer will hang on the wall above it.
The back wall will be one full height for vacuum cleaner, brooms etc. and one drawer unit with overhead.   The iron will sit on that bench top and the board will hang next to it.

Overall, the aim of having lots of storage space has been achieved.  We've got the clean look we wanted and great view throughout it.  It will all get plenty of Northern light and the breakfast bar provides great space.

I worry a little about the amount of full height pantry space and wonder if we should have a bit more.  Ideally, I would have liked to make the laundry a little bigger too but I'm sitting on the boundary offset.

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  1. I love the european style of kitchen benches...they use lasts a can put a searingly hot saucepan on can use it like a chopping board...I do not understand why people would use anything else that is less conductive of heat...less conductive of cutting......the closest cheapest option of granite is granite board which is a composite product...why try anything else????????why not purchase something that will last at least 20 years without being precious and needing someone with an obsessive compulsivev disorder to keep it pristine lol