Saturday, 26 November 2011


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After months (or was it years?) of "looking" at land all over Hobart we finally settled on the Howrah/Tranmere area.  Every time we went driving around looking, we always seemed to end up back there even though we had written Tranmere off as too expensive.  

After getting pretty serious about a block in Howrah and investigating excavation and foundation costs we ended up justifying the extra lands cost at Tranmere to ourselves on the basis that these costs would be lower.  We had a couple of builders look at the block in Howrah and a couple in Tranmere and that sealed the deal.

We made an offer on our first preference but were disappointed to hear we had been pipped by a few hours and the block was under contract.   It was a lot easier to build on than the Howrah block but still had a 1:4 fall and great potential for a driveway from hell.

A sleep disturbed night trying to decide if our second choice was a goer or not entailed.  We made an offer the following day and spent a couple of weeks haggling before we signed on the dotted line on the 4th of April 2011.   At that stage titles had not been issued.   Titles were issued early July and we settled on Friday 15th of July 2011.  

We bought our land at Derwent Shores in Tranmere Tasmania in July 2011.  
Since then we've designed hundreds of versions of our dream.  After playing for a few weeks in an old 3D home design program I took the plunge and purchased Home Designer Pro 10 and got Lester Franks Surveyors to do a contour survey which allowed me to start to get a handle on dealing with the slope.

If you are really keen, you can look at a PhotoSynth of the land HERE or a Panorama HERE.  There is another PhotoSynth HERE.   They take a little while to load!

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